The Dumpster Incident – Barrett’s Elementary School (#16)

Cake #16! At Barrett's Elementary School

Cake #16! At Barrett’s Elementary School

Let’s set the scene:

Who: Myself (Cake Monster), Mercutio Krispytreats, and Waltrice Disneta (WD)

Where: Barrett’s Elementary School, Cake #16

When: March 15, 2014

What: After the safari that was Lone Elk Park, Mercutio, WD and I needed a little break from the wilder side of cake hunting.

The next location on my list was Barrett’s Elementary School. The school was chosen as a cake location based on public vote.

wpid-20140315_155219.jpgAnd the cake itself definitely gets my vote for one of the most eye catching, particularly the top tier. The top layer of “icing” on the cake is made of cut glass inlaid on white paint that really catches the sun and shines prisms of light on the bottom tier of the cake and on any vertically impaired cake hunters (like myself) who prefer to crouch next to the cakes to obtain the perfect picture.

However what makes this location most memorable is what happened as my fellow cake hunters and I were getting ready to leave the school. To get you in on the action of what happened, I’ll attempt to recreate some of the conversation from that afternoon:


Artist’s rendering of the dumpster in question

Cake Monster: What’s so funny?

Mercutio Krispytreats: You see that picture over there?

[Cake Monster looks out the passenger side window and sees a framed portrait propped up against the dumpster]

CM: Yes [with great concern]

MK: We’re gonna steal it!

[Cake Monster immediately locks all car doors]

Mercutio and WD’s plan was to steal (borrow temporarily?) the portrait and then play a classic prank from our youth – “Ding Dong Ditch” – on one of our friends by ringing her doorbell, leaving the portrait against her door and then running away as quickly as possible. All of which I was in for, except the running part – any friend of this Cake Monster knows I do not run for anything…except maybe cake….

Once Mercutio explained his plan to me, and we all had a great laugh, I was almost inclined to allow it. It might be funny, I reasoned, to drive around with a random portrait in the car, posing next to it in cake pictures, ultimately leaving it at our friend’s door as we snuck around the corner full of anticipatory giggles.

But no. I had to be reasonable. For one, who knew where the portrait came from? For all we knew, the owner could be just inside the building on official business, and he needed a place to rest his portrait while he was gone. Or, worse, what if the portrait was cursed?! And the rest of our day of cake hunting was overhung with the looming spector of the portrait’s previous owner?? I couldn’t take that chance.

So, much to the sadness of everyone involved, the car doors remained locked, and we moved on to the next cake location.

But never fear! Despite the seemingly sad ending to the story, there is one incredible upside – before we left the elementary school, we snapped this glorious picture which not only sums up our friendship, but our feelings about cake hunting as well:




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