Are We Hunting Bison or Are the Bison Hunting Us? Lone Elk Park (#15)


Ah, the majestic bison. So strong, so in tune with nature and so close to my car!

Is going on an exotic safari one of the items on your bucket list? Do you dream of taking a leisurely drive through a natural landscape and happening upon wild animals in their natural habitat? Do you have little to no concern as to what might happen if one of these wild animals rushes at your car?

If you answered “Yes!” to one or more of these questions, then Lone Elk Park is for you!

Located in close proximity to the World Bird Sanctuary, Lone Elk Park is the premier place for safari-like drives through untouched grassy fields brimming with livestock! Just be on your guard though, the Park is not responsible for any damage to your vehicle due to, say, a wild bison running full speed at your car for fun 🙂

wpid-wp-1402970874358.jpegI had personally never traveled through Lone Elk Park before Mercutio, WD and I began our adventure there. And as the driver for this suburban safari, I was doubly nervous about what surprises this adventure might bring – a wild tiger using my car as a scratching post for starters (…it could happen?…). But as a cake monster, I must always have my wits about me, so I drove into the park ready for anything.

The park itself is acre after acre of untouched greenery where wild bison, elk and other such animals live in relative seclusion…but for the constant parade of cars driving the approved route from sun up to sun down each day…

Driving through Lone Elk Park is the closest I’ve ever gotten to going on a safari, and as Mercutio has more experience with the park than I do, he was my guide through the terrain.

Cake #15! At Lone Elk Park

Cake #15! At Lone Elk Park

Our first stop, however, was what we really came to the park for: Cake #15. It was located near a rest area with a mural explaining how the park got it’s name. If memory serves (and it may not), the park was so named because when it was originally discovered, the gentlemen who tried to tame the wild landscape decided to eradicate the area of elk. However even though they assumed they succeeded, one day after the elk “removal” one lone elk was rumored to have been found still roaming the park grounds. How that lone elk created a family and populated the park is forever a mystery!!! … or easily found on the internet, if you want a more historical account…

After numerous cake pictures were secured, Mercutio led us around a bend to the designed ‘Bison Sighting Area,” and we began the adventure.

A few seconds into the safari, a line of cars stared to form, and I, being still naïve to the situation, grew annoyed at having to wait in line for an unknown reason, but WD and Mercutio only exchanged knowing glances and smiled.

As we inched along, Mercutio instructed me to pull over to the shallow shoulder of the road as soon as a space opened up. I did as instructed and was more than surprised to find:



a field full of bison!! We were able to get up close and personal (see picture) with a herd of bison, just minding their own business (and not rushing the car). It was an incredibly beautiful experience.

The rest of the winding road through the park could barely compare to this early encounter, although from time to time a rogue deer or other such creature would be spotted out of the corner of someone’s eye.

With the fifteenth cake in the books and a camera full of wildlife, we continued on to our next, albeit more domesticated, location.


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