Do You Even Ornithology? World Bird Sanctuary (#14)

Cake #14 At the World Bird Sanctuary

Cake Monster and Cake #14 At the World Bird Sanctuary


Mercutio Krispytreats and Cake #14 At the World Bird Sanctuary










And introducing Waltrice Disneta and Cake #14 at the World Bird Sanctuary

Exactly one week after Mercutio Krispytreats and I had our unplanned yet extremely eventful cake-outing, I was prepped and ready to go onto our next cake adventure.

My original goal for the outing was to tackle the cake-y decadence that is downtown St. Louis, but with construction around the Arch and it being a weekend, I decided (on a hunch from Mercutio) to plan the trip around those cakes we could see in and around West County. *My home sweet home*

This trip into the County would prove unique in numerous ways, but most notably due to the addition of a third cake-finder, Ms. Waltrice Disneta (WD for short). So in classic cake marauding fashion, I kept my fellow cake hunters mostly in the dark about where we were headed, put on some Nelly (obviously) and began the trip.

No CakeNow, I must take a moment to note a very sad occurrence that happened on this trip. I wish I could say this kind of thing only reared it’s ugly head once or twice at best, but unfortunately due to the wild nature of cake hunting, this comes up more often than I would care to say.

What sad, sadness do I speak of? Why it’s the missed cake-pertunity. For those of you new to cake hunting, allow me to explain. A missed cake-pertunity happens when you have your cake location list in hand, you have the best of intentions, and a smile in your heart (sure why not), but when you arrive at the location, there is not a cake to be found no matter how many tears you may shed or how much you had riding on that cake experience. So, with a sad heart, I must admit, dear friends, this outing marked the first of several missed cake-pertunities.

The pre-missed cake-pertunity plan for the day was to start out with the cake that was farthest away from the rest at the Endangered Wolf Center. This cake was not only a treat for myself, but also for Mercutio as his love for wolves has been known to me for a long time. HOWEVER as we pulled up to the Center, we were greeted by a large chain link fence that stretched the length of the drive up to the Center. According to my list, the cake in question was through the gates and up the drive ahead of us. So, eternally optimistic, I pushed the button on the screen beside me and waited for what I expected to be a speedy answer and a buzzing of the doors being opened to us. Unfortunately after many minutes of expecatant waiting and an actual phone call to the Center itself, Mercutio, WD and I had to resign ourselves to the fact that there would be no wolf cake enjoyment on this trip. 😦

wpid-wp-1401583874932.jpegWith heavy heart, I turned us around, and we began the drive to the second cake on the list. As we were going the right direction, my cake-y senses began tingling and lo! what do my eyes see? But a sign for the World Bird Sanctuary and Lone Elk Park!

Now as any good cake hunter worth her salt has done, I have tried my best to commit the list of cake locations to memory (I have a lot of free time…). So when I saw this sign a little light bulb went off in my head, and I made a hard right towards the location of our first cake of the day.

wpid-wp-1401413744857.jpegI personally had never been to the World Bird Sanctuary before, so I was excited to experience it for more than just cake related reasons. According to, the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis is one of the largest faculties for the conservation of birds in North America.


wpid-wp-1401413763522.jpegIn addition, the website states, “The World Bird Sanctuary’s mission is to preserve the earth’s biological diversity, and to secure the future of threatened bird species in their natural environments. We work to fulfill that mission through education, captive breeding, field studies and rehabilitation.”

Behold! The rare cake-monster-falcon

Behold! The rare cake-monster-falcon


As with most incredible St. Louis attractions, the World Bird Sanctuary is absolutely free. So with excitement in our hearts, Mercutio, WD and I got out of the car and began exploring the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary itself is a long outdoor walkway that houses birds on either side. And like true tourists, Mercutio, WD and I slowly ambled from one exhibit to the next taking in the shenanigans of the eagles and ravens and other birds that were there for us to admire.


Cake #14 At the World Bird Sanctuary

Cake #14 At the World Bird Sanctuary

On our way back to the car, we stopped to take in the four foot treasure that led us to this new locale – the fourteenth cake. This one’s theme was very natural. In fact, given where it is placed at the entrance to the Sanctuary, I would bet that in the summer time when all the trees are in bloom, it fits right in with the natural foliage of the area.

So after a few necessary photo ops (see below), Mercutio, WD and I gathered ourselves and headed to the next cake location.


Just like baby birds


7 thoughts on “Do You Even Ornithology? World Bird Sanctuary (#14)

  1. Andrea

    Your writing is super creative. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. But did you just try the Endangered Wolf Center? We were there on Thursday and the cake is outside the gate like it was last time we were there.

    • Thanks! I really appreciate it 🙂 When we went the first time, back in March (when this post took place), it was still inside. Just went yesterday though and was able to see it!

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