Of Course I Have a Plan… Part 8 Turtle Park (#13)


As Mercutio and I pulled up to Turtle Park and began looking around for the cake, we both realized at the same moment that as luck (fate?) would have it, the cake was located at the top of a hill. Even though we were both worn out from our uncharted, cake-tastic adventures, we began the climb and captured for posterity our lucky thirteenth cake.

Cake #13. At Turtle Park.

Cake #13. At Turtle Park.

Turtle Park really is an amazing site that’s full of enormous turtle sculptures of different shapes and sizes. These sculptures are free for anyone to look at, climb on, play with, or take a nap under, if you wanted.  And I’m sure the massive turtles (and the baby ones too) have served as an integral part of many a St. Louisian child’s imaginary games. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to a place where giant turtles grow right out of the ground and want to hang out with you?

In doing some research on the park, I discovered that the same man who designed these turtles, Bob Cassilly, also designed the City Museum. I’d say both are a job well done.

But back to the cake! The main feature of this one was a big turtle that kind of reminded me of Crush, the sea turtle from the animated Disney treasure Finding Nemo. Other less famous colorful turtles swam around the cake as well. It was definitely a cake you wanted to walk around and admire.

So with a phone full of pictures, and the images of the not so distant past nagging at our memories still, we made our way back to the car (after playing on the stone turtles of course) and began the drive to our reward for a day well-caked: Mission Taco (which is a whole other story entirely!).


Turtle! Turtle!

Turtle! Turtle!


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