Of Course I Have a Plan… Part 6 The Muny (#11)

Cake #11. At the Muny.

Cake #11. At the Muny.

Luckily the next cake that we found brought back more than a few warm childhood memories for me.

So much of my love for musical theater has been influenced by my parents’ sometimes forcible introduction of it into the lives of myself and my brothers. I can still remember many a Saturday morning when I was much younger when my brothers and I refused to wake up and come to breakfast. And so to get us moving, my mom would put on the soundtrack to the Phantom of the Opera and wait until Christine was at the height of her crescendo at the behest of the Phantom, and then turn the volume up as loud as she could, so the house would be ringing with the fever pitch of our wide-eyed fear and Christine’s mixed together.

That is a true story which explains so much…

But there are happier musical memories as well: I’ll always remember my dad jamming along to “Master of the House” from Les Miserables, probably on cassette tape (look it up, kids), whenever we went anywhere in the car, and the childish joy I got from being allowed to sing a song with a bad word in it as loudly as I wanted! *Scandalous!*

To add a more legit note to this tale, my parents have always been big supporters of the arts, especially the Muny. For as long as I can remember, they have been season ticket holders, which meant almost every summer I got to sit in the seats at the Muny and experience the best outdoor live theater in St. Louis.

What I especially love about the Muny though is that while most of the seats in the theater are seats you pay for, there is a stretch of seating around the top of the theater that is absolutely free! Granted, you may have to pack a picnic lunch, stand in line for a few hours and get incredibly sweaty (but I mean, that was going to happen anyway, this is St. Louis in the summer…). But if you do manage to score some seats in the free section, you’re guaranteed an excellent night of musical theater.


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