Of Course I Have a Plan… Part 5 World’s Fair Pavilion (#10)

Cake #10. At the World's Fair Pavilion.

Cake #10. At the World’s Fair Pavilion.


Our first stop on this journey into Forest Park was the World’s Fair Pavilion. In the summer time (and admittedly, even in the nippy winter we were venturing out into), it’s an excellent lookout spot where you can take in Forest Park and imagine all of the festivities that took place during the 1904 World’s Fair.

While the sky blue of the cake really caught my eye, and I appreciated the nod to the 1904 World’s Fair depicted on it’s front, the cake seemed to be taunting Mercutio and I as the sides of the cake were full of ice cream cones. Ice. Cream. Cones. The joy of many a small child (and grown adult) on a balmy summer day!

It was like somehow the cake knew of our current cake related mishaps on Cherokee Street and was mocking us on in our pit of despair.

Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but seeing ice cream cones on a day when your nose just won’t stop running from the cold was a little harsh on the soul.



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