Of Course I Have a Plan… Part 4 Lemp Mansion (#9)



Cake #9. At the Lemp Mansion

Cake #9. At the Lemp Mansion

Back in the car after our first of (sad to say) many sketchy cake experiences, Mercutio and I recounted what just happened, going over each part again and again almost in disbelief that what just happened actually just happened.

However amidst this sketchiness and possibly inspired by it, I got an idea. And as soon as I was sure Mercutio was not going to pass out from fright, I turned the car around and headed for my next cake-idea.

For someone who grew up in St. Louis, anything with the Lemp name attached to it is automatically considered haunted. I’ve personally never been inside the mansion to check out the spirit level myself, but they do offer haunted tours, so someone sometime must have seen something.

The Lemp Mansion itself is now a restaurant and inn where you can enjoy a variety of different events such as trivia nights and ghost tours and where you can stay the night if you enjoy paying for what I’m sure is a less than restful night’s sleep. It was formerly one of the homes and offices of William J Lemp, or as they call him on the internets, a fabulous beer baron (ok, they might have left out the fabulous part…).

After photos were taken and in an attempt to traverse into safer, more familiar territory, Mercutio and I headed to Forest Park, where I my cake-y senses were telling me, many more cakes were just waiting to be found.



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