Of Course I Have a Plan… Part 2 Luvy Duvy’s (#7)


What happened next set the standard for the rest of our cake adventures: an unexpected cake sighting and sketchy behavior.

To set the scene: Mercutio and I were discussing deep existential questions (or cute boys, whatev) when I happened to spy out of the corner of my eye a cake! So instead of politely tell Mercutio to pause in his speech and turn his head to see what I was seeing, I basically lost all sense of composure and yelled, “CAKE!”

Cake #7 At Luvy Duvy's

Cake #7 At Luvy Duvy’s

I’d like to say I made a smooth U-turn and casually rolled up to this cake with all the grace and ease of a seasoned cake hunter. But in my quest for cake glory, I must be truthful, and I will spare you the details, but it was more screeching tires than I like to hear on a cake-finding outing.

Once Mercutio and I were safely on solid ground, we got a closer look at this cake.

What I liked about this one is the red and white striping that’s reminiscent of a checkerboard blanket you would use on a picnic or cookout. And that seemed to be very fitting when I later looked at the menu for Luvy Duvy’s Café. They feature lots of different sandwiches ranging from pork to chicken (yum?) to, thankfully, an egg salad sandwich for us vegetarians out there (veggies unite!).

While Mr. Krispytreats and I were walking around the cake and admiring our find, we made our first of many cake friends who was walking past the café with his dog. Unlike some of our later cake friend encounters, this man was very nice and asked us if we lived in the area. He then told us about Benton Park that was just across the street and recommended we check it out sometime.

So with two smiles a mile wide, we got back in the car and again began heading to Cherokee Street.


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