Of Course I Have a Plan… Part 1 Venice Cafe (#6)


After my second cake-pedition with Mr. Miles James, I was amped and ready for more cakeiness. So a few days after Miles and I went on our adventure to the Delmar Loop, I hatched a plan that involved none other than the infamous Mercutio Krispytreats!

What was really fueling my fire for this particular adventure was a cake picture I had seen posted on Facebook for the Venice Café. It was the most interesting cake I had seen so far (and up to this point in my cake-ventures, really), and I knew no matter what it took, I was going to see that cake as soon as possible.

As soon as possible was Saturday March 8th. That afternoon, I was slated to help Mercutio move a few things from his old apartment (yay! right down the street from me!) to his new house (boo! super far from me). So after we unloaded his stuff at his new place, I divulged my plan for cake finding, and we started towards the Venice Café.

At this point in my cake-ventures, I was just getting acquainted with what I fondly call “THE LIST” which details the *mostly* exact locations of all the cakes that are currently available for finding. So instead of reviewing THE LIST and hatching a plan (the straight and narrow), I decided to listen to my innate cake finding skills and trust my internal compass. And so when Mercutio got in the car with me and asked me where we were going, I just turned to him and smiled because honestly at that point, other than the Venice Café, I really didn’t know. 🙂

Side view. Wait for it...

Side view. Wait for it…

Until I became cake-obsessed, I had never heard of the Venice Café, which is really my loss because as we pulled up to the cake, my mouth dropped wide and my heart became a little fuller as I took in both the cake and the surrounding area.

As I got out of the car, the cake’s complete artwork was revealed, and I was face to face with the most beautiful cake I had ever laid eyes on!!! This cake was so outside the box, and I absolutely loved it!

I felt like a cake zombie, mindlessly stumbling towards the cake brains and drooling for joy!

Good enough to eat!

Good enough to eat! Cake #6 At Venice Cafe

From what I’ve learned since our adventure, the Venice Café is a place where open mic nights abound and local poets often come to speak their words.

We didn’t go in the Café that day, but the area in back of the Café, where the cake is located, is full of what I like to call a garage sale explosion – in the absolute best sense of the phrase. It does include, sadly, some mannequins, but really, what cake adventure have I had so far that doesn’t, and other unique finds that I would love to explore.

After we paid our respects to such a fine cake specimen, I told Mercutio that I knew there was a cake on Cherokee Street, and that I didn’t think it was far from where we were (I will admit some most of that was a lie, as anyone who really knows me knows that I have legit no sense of direction).

But I put Cherokee Street into the GPS, and we unknowingly drove right into the hands down sketchiest part of all our cake-scouting so far. *High five?*


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